When I started this journey my son was very little, I was struggling with post-partum and overall I was bored and felt isolated. The essential oils were a game changer for my physical and emotional health. I also quickly realized that doTERRA offered me a way to build the community I was missing. Fast forward 3 years and I am happier than I have ever been. doTERRA allowed me to quit my previous job and stay home with my son. It also brought the most amazing people into my life, whom I now call my best friends. In addition the personal development work we encourage has helped me grow and discover what really fills my cup. I am forever grateful I was introduced to these oils and all that comes with them. 




Who are our members? Anyone who is ready to incorporate essential oils into their daily routine. We have an active community online that is exclusive to our members and is there to help you learn about your oils. We provide constant online education, workshops and other learning opportunities as well as fun member perks! How do you join us? Simply reach out and I can help you get started or follow the link below and click 'join & save'. 

Team Hōrizon


Team Hōrizon, my business community, was created in my search for connection and a bigger purpose. I truly believe we need a strong community to thrive, especially as mamas. When they say it takes a village to raise a small human, they aren't kidding. Finding your people and being connected into a bigger community will improve your happiness immensely. Our team has a common goal of sharing essential oils with the world. A side from that, they are the most caring, supportive and inspiring individuals. It's not just about business, we also value personal development, social events and of course play dates! If you want to start a little side hustle? ready to switch careers? or maybe you just need more fun, positive people in your life? Then Horizon is for you! Reach out and learn more.